DIANA TING DELOSH  -  Illustration, Hand Lettering
FrightBoy Meets OctopusOdion SkunkSad SkunkHUG!OLLIE ALONE - Cover ArtThe Forest FloorDOGS!Licking Ice Dream ConesGroundhog WaltzLittle RedNicholas, Dandelion BunnyBear & Hare TurquoiseHare HopsBouncing BunniesRaccoon in SpringRaccoon in SummerRaccoon in FallRaccoon in WinterPacky & Frip -Going to the CityPacky & Frip - Cat in the Drain PipePacky & Frip -Shooting StarsPacky & Frip - WillowsHushFarmstandOnce Upon A Midnight- book coverAmbrose Hams It UpHead Over Heels Over AcornsM-M-M-M CUPCAKES!ANTICIPATIONViolet's Seed PackMouse DreamsNot MeditatingThumbelinaUncle's Koi PondBag of FishBoy's Koi PondFish TankMoi at 9
This portfolio consists of my whimsical and narrative color illustrations. All art & illustrations in this portfolio are copyright Diana Ting Delosh or are copyrighted by the client.

Contact me at artist@dianadelosh.com.

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